Creatives of Amsterdam, declare a climate emergency and commit to action now!

Time is running out and tackling the climate crisis requires commitment from all sectors of society, including the creative industries.

Extinction Rebellion have made a call to the creative industries to commit their creativity to the biggest brief they’ve ever known. They ask:

“We are not here to serve solutions to you. You are creatives, and you have the power of communication. What can you come up with?” – Extinction Rebellion NL.

In other words, your creativity, your platform and your voice is key!

As a first step, here are some key actions you as an individual – and an agency – can take to support these demands. These link to existing initiatives established in the UK for the Dutch community to commit to sign up and join.

Are you a creative?

  1. Sign up to Creative Climate Disclosure – and commit to not working on fossil fuel briefs, no matter which agency you are with.
  2. Put your creative skills to work for Create and Strike to help amplify the message of the climate emergency.  
  3. Join the Global Climate Strike on 27 September in The Hague.
  4. Support Global Rebellion Week from 7 October. Get informed, join the media team, the arts and culture team, the wellbeing team, or join them in the streets.

Are you an agency?

  1. Join more than 100 agencies worldwide who have signed the Creative Climate Disclosure – commit to disclosing your agency’s ‘climate conflicts’.
  2. Sign up to Create and Strike and join more than 30 agencies who have committed to supporting the Global Climate Strike. Give your employees time to ideate and create powerful materials that get the message heard.
  3. Join the Dutch March on 27 September in The Hague – and give your employees time off to join.

Dutch Agency Signatories

These are some of the creative agencies in the Netherlands who have already committed to take action – join them.

  • ADCN Club for Creativity, Dinesh Sonak – MD
  • The Humblebrag, Lucy von Sturmer and Jessica Hartley – Partners
  • Nomads, Hans Howarth – CEO
  • Iris Amsterdam, Paul Greenep – MD
  • Eyeforce, Bob van de Gronde & Arthur Neumeier – Founders
  • Revolver, Raymond van der Kaaij – Executive Producer
  • HALAL, Roel Oude Nijhuis – MD
  • Native Circles, Mark Aink – CEO
  • HarrimanSteel, Leah Forsyth – MD
  • The Brave New Now, Hazel Livingstone – CEO
  • NOISE Amsterdam, Marcel Wortel & Ivo Hulscher – Founders
  • Branding a Better World – Clarissa van Deventer, Founder
  • Collective Minds – Emeline Neumeier, Founder
  • GARAGE, Parsia Tayebi – Founder
  • Dick Moby, Robbert Wefers Bettink – Co-owner
  • Wilderness, Meredith Mogensen – MD
  • Springtide Studios, Cathelijn de Reede – Founder
  • A’DAM Communications, Adam Stones – Founder
  • FreshhhConnections, Maxine Penney – Founder
  • Makers Unite, Lisanne Huethorst – Community Manager
  • The Wilson Lab, Ruth Wilson – Founder
  • We are Duffree, Mitchell R. Duffree – Founder

Amsterdam Creative Signatories

  • Lily Howes, Copywriter and Creative
  • Marie-Anne Chaloupecky, UX Designer
  • Tessa Wernink, Strategic Communications
  • Phoebe Dodds, Digital Communications
  • Erwin Schieven, Copywriter
  • Bambi Bogert, Broadcast Media
  • Pimpernel Brouwer, Video Communications
  • Lizet Deutekom, Copywriter
  • Tomas Rouw, Copywriter
  • Jean-Paul Frijns, Creative
  • Rachel Sato-Banks, Copywriter
  • Catalina Governeur, Designer
  • Anne Maljaars, Social Media
  • Simone Ballard, Communications Consultant
  • Jo Hawkes, Art Director and Designer
  • Gali Lucas, Senior Designer
  • Christopher Baylis, Creative Director
  • Chirag Bhasin, Creative Director
  • Zoe Patience, Fashion Merchandiser
  • Fiorella Rizza, Senior UX Copywriter
  • Carmelo Kalashnikov, Cartoonist
  • Alex Plet, Graphic Designer
  • Dana Jurkjane, Copywriter
  • Nadine Watson, Photographer
  • Jelani Isaacs, Film Producer
  • Manon Pelletier, Designer
  • Matt Firth, Creative Director
  • Jennifer Skupin, Creative Director
  • Elena Scherer, Designer
  • Matthijs van Rumpt, Creative Writer
  • Kiki van Beerendonk, Graphic Designer
  • Elias Chemali, Designer
  • Sabine Harnau, Messaging Strategist
  • Mareka Stake, Senior Writer
  • Cyril Chermin, Creative Director
  • Joost van der Schoot, Creative
  • Merien Kunst, Creative Director

Amsterdam Social Entrepreneur Signatories

  • Andrea Orsag, MissionC – Founder
  • Beth Massa, Ozarka BV – Founder
  • Boudewijn Wijnands, Deedmob – Founder
  • Jessica Marati Radparvar, Reconsidered – Founder


As a creative OR an agency lead have you signed onto the initiatives above? Join the community of Amsterdam creatives taking a stand – ADD YOUR NAME TO THIS LIST.